About Us

"Aural"           -           Pertaining to or perceived by the ear 
"Aesthetics"   -           The sensory – emotional response to a subject 

At AMS Acoustics we use the term "Aural Aesthetics" to develop a common language with Architects and non-technical people. 

Sound provokes primal responses in human behaviour.  When acoustics are good we don’t notice them, but when they are bad a range of negative psychological and physiological responses can be induced.  At best it is hard to communicate, at worst a fight/flight reflex can be activated. 

Architectural Modernism has given us a legacy of amazing open spaces with natural light.  The materials used to build these structures such as metals, glass, and marble  can cause uncontrolled acoustics.  In the worst cases the space becomes un-useable to the auditory disturbance that it causes. 

AMS Acoustics strives to work with Architects to make them aware of aural aesthetic and it’s impact.  We have found that we are able to communicate well and assist them in achieving their vision but with controlled acoustics.